harap1nFront, frontage, foreground; the direction towards which the face is turned or which something is facing toward.Himundung in tarak ha harap sin bāy nila.The truck stopped in front of their house.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To face, go in a direction, entertain (someone), attend to (something).Harap kaw mari kākuꞌ.You face me.Harap siya pakain?In which direction did she go?Harapa in manga bisita mu.Entertain your visitors.Diꞌ ku maharap in iskul ku sin taud sin hinang ha upis.I can hardly attend to my school work due to the pressure of my office work.Cf.alup 1balharapderv.vTo come face to face with someone (esp. in settling some trouble, dispute or intricate matters).2nharapanEuph.The genitals (of either male or female).Kamayaꞌ kaw kugdanan in harapan mu sin sipaꞌ niya.Be careful; your genitals might be hit by his kick.SYN.alupanalup 2

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