biyaksaadjAccustomed to, used to, familiar with, addicted to, in the habit of.Biyaksa siya magpangakkal.He is in the habit of cheating (people).Biyaksa siya sin hinang yan.He is familiar with the work.Biyaksa siya magkaun gandum.He is used to eating corn.vact mag-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To be or become accustomed to, used to, familiar with, or addicted to (something), be acquainted with (someone), be or get in the habit of (doing something).Magbiyaksa kaw iban sin taymanghud ku?Are you acquainted with my brother?Ayaw biyaksahun magsini-sini in manga bataꞌ.Don’t let the children become accustomed to attending the movies.Diꞌ ku kabiyaksahan in maghulaꞌ ha daira.I’m not used to living in town.vran ka-…-an.(For someone) to expect or be used to receiving (something from someone [focused]).Kabiyaksahan sa kaw yan sin anak mu, bang pagdihilan mu mataud sīn.Your child will expect (a lot of money) from you if you customarily give him a lot of money.nkabiyaksahanA habit, usual action.In kabiyaksahan ku pagꞌubus kumaun maghali-hali.My habit is to rest after eating.

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