*utudnA cut or slice (of something).Dihili aku hangka-utud salikayaꞌ.Give me a slice of egg pie.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (something) in two (widthwise or crosswise).Utura kunuꞌ in patung ini.Will you cut this bamboo in two (for me)?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cut off a part (of something widthwise or crosswise).Iyuturan nila in duhul sin buhuk ku.They cut off a little from the ends of my hair.OV SYN.huyaꞌdīpCf.*sipak
basbas scrape off the surface of something
dīp slice fruit to be eaten
galiꞌ make a score or notch in flesh
gunting 1 cut with or as with scissors
gūt cut flesh all the way through
hilap slice fruit or meat thinly
huyaꞌ slice any soft object
ipus cut off an extra end of something
kagas scratch, break the surface of something
lagut hack with a bladed weapon
lapa cut grass
paliꞌ suffer a cut, be wounded
palu cut off a rotten part of something
pilaꞌ cut down a tree or other plant
pindang cut an animate object into parts
pingag cut off a small piece of something
pukul cut off a limb or a head
punggul cut off the upper part of something
punggut cut off something, esp. a human head
sāg cut off a branch of a tree
saksak make an incision or split something
saplung cut a part or the end off something
sipak cut in two lengthwise
tabas cut with scissors according to a pattern or measurement
tadtad 1 cut part way through many times
tamaꞌ chop up into small pieces
tigbas chop, hack, stab something
tiktik 2 cut the end off something
tuꞌtuꞌ cut branches off a tree
tuis split or chop wood
tuktuk₂ chop up into pieces
tuptup₁ cut or trim the nails
utas cut something apart, sever something
utud cut in two widthwise or crosswise

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