hambuuk(from hang- + *buuk)1adjA single (thing or unit), one.Hambuuk da in asawa niya.He has only one wife.OV SYN.isa1 Cf.tunggalvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To join (a group), put or bring (things) together; (for people) to unite or live together.Mabayaꞌ kaw humambuuk kanila?Would you like to join them?Subay kitaniyu maghambuuk pikilan ha hikahatul sin hulaꞌ.We should unite our thinking to achieve peace for our country.Hambuukun na in pamī-mī natuꞌ ha labban ini.We’ll put the things we have bought together in this box.2vag mag-.(For a man and a woman) to live together (as husband and wife).Subay diꞌ maghambuuk in usug iban babai bang sila bukun halal kawin.A man and a woman should not live together if they’re not legally married.

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