*tiyuꞌadjhangkatiyuꞌSmall or little in number, quantity or amount.Hangkatiyuꞌ da in sīn dīhil niya kākuꞌ.He gave me just a little amount of money.Hangkatiyuꞌ da in kaingatan ku pasal niya.I know just a little about him.Cf.asibiꞌadjtiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌVery small or little.Tiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌ da in gadji niya.His pay is very little.Cf.anak-anaknikiꞌ-nikiꞌsibiꞌ-sibiꞌadjkatiyuꞌ-tiyuan(Always preceded by the negative diꞌ) Having a sensitive nature or feelings, easily offended, disturbed, irritated (as by the actions of others); touchy; very susceptible (to something); easily (affected by something).Diꞌ katiyuꞌ-tiyuan in tau ini dugalan.This man easily gets angry.Kamayaꞌ kaw magdā sin bāsu yan sabab diꞌ katiyuꞌ-tiyuan magtuy mabagbag.Be careful in carrying that glass because it is very fragile, it breaks easily.In bataꞌ ini diꞌ katiyuꞌ-tiyuan masakit.This child is susceptible to diseases.

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