baytaꞌnNews, information.vCV 2 ag mag-; pat hi-, -un; goal -an.To tell, inform, report.Baytai aku bang unu.Tell me what it’s all about.Unu in hibaytaꞌ mu kākuꞌ?What will you tell me?Hisiyu in namaytaꞌ walaꞌ aku piyaiskul?Who told on me that I did not go to school?Baytaan ha pulis in kītaꞌ mu.Report to the police what you saw.npabaytaꞌA message, information.Ini in pabaytaꞌ sin panghuꞌ pa manga hamba raayat niya.This is the message of the leader to his people.OV SYN.habalamanatpahātisuysuy

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