usahanWork, occupation, labor, vocation, business, means of livelihood.Magꞌistaꞌ in usaha niya.His occupation is fishing.vag mag-, -um-; pat usāhunTo earn (money), engage in business or occupation so as to make a living.Makausaha aku hangibu pilak hangka-pitu.I can earn one thousand pesos a week.Diꞌ in tau mabuhiꞌ bang diꞌ magꞌusaha sin kabuhianan.People won’t survive if they don’t earn a living.Pila sīn in nausaha mu adlaw yan?How much money did you earn today?Usāhun ku mān in singsing mu kiyaragang ku.I will earn (money equal to the value of) your ring which I sold.vpat magka-.To be earned from, used as livelihood.Awn waktu makausaha kita, awn isab waktu magkausaha kita.There are times we can make a living, there are other times we are made a living from (i.e., we lose money).adjmausahaCharacterized by earnings, able to earn.Mausaha in tau ini.This fellow is able to earn.Cf.hinang 1.1kabuhiananbuhiꞌ 1

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