nyataꞌvag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To find out, verify (something); investigate (something); see about (something).Nyataun ku madtu in pasal pagkālu.I’ll go there to verify the cause of the quarrel.OV SYN.kitaꞌ 1vag magpa-; pat hipa-, pa-…-un.To reveal oneself (to someone); manifest, show as proof; reveal or disclose (something).Nagpanyataꞌ in malaikat Jibril kan Nabi Muhammad.The angel Gabriel revealed himself to Prophet Muhammed.Hipanyataꞌ da sin Tuhan in hinang mu mangiꞌ.God will cause your wrongdoing to be manifested.Hipanyataꞌ katān in hinang ta mangiꞌ marayaw ha adlaw hukum.Everything will be revealed on the judgment day both good and bad.Cf.manyatakan*lahil

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