lunuk1.1nSoftness.Subay bihaini in lunuk sin tilam bīhun mu.The softness of the mattress you buy should be like this.adjmalunukSoft, tender.Malunuk na in sapiꞌ.The beef is already tender.Malunuk in buhuk niya.Her hair is soft.vST pat -um-, mag-.To become soft, tender.Lagaa in manuk bat lumunuk.Boil the chicken so it will become tender.ANT.tugas 1Cf.pudjat1.2nWeakness (of the body).vST pat -um-, mang-.To become (physically) weak.Manglunuk kaw sin taud sin hinang.You’ll become weak from the volume of the work.adjmalunuk(Of the body) weak.2adjmalunuk(Of a person) open, receptive, (of a person’s heart [atay]) soft.Malunuk in pagꞌatay sin maas ha manga anak.Parents are softhearted towards their children.vact -um-.(For a person) to become receptive, (for a person’s heart) to soften.Diꞌ lumunuk in atay ku ha tau yan.My heart won’t soften toward that person.ANT.tugas 2Cf.ulung

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