hawvag maka-.Does not occur with pa₂.To be able to do something with very little proficiency or competence.Makahaw siya magsulat Sūg.He can write inadequately in Arabic (jawi) script.Makahaw siya magbassa Inglis.He can read a little in English.Makahaw isab aku sin hinang yan.I can do that work with a little skill.adjhawhawQuite distant (so as to be hard to distinguish, hence) hard to see, (of sound) quite faint; having very little knowledge of something; (of one’s memory, sight, or hearing) poor.Hawhaw na in kappal dayn ha jambatan, agun na diꞌ kakitaan.The ship is already quite distant from the wharf, it almost can’t be seen.Hawhaw mari in tingug sin pagtimbak.From here, the sound of the shooting was quite faint.Hawhaw na in pangitaꞌ ku.My sight is poor now.

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