sibuꞌadjSame, equal, alike, identical.Sibuꞌ in dagbus nila.They look identical.Sibuꞌ in badjuꞌ nila.Their dresses are alike.viact mag-, -um-.To be alike or equal, be like (something).Diꞌ magsibuꞌ in pagdā niya ha manga dayahan iban miskin.His treatment of the rich and the poor is unequal.Pagtuyuꞌ kaw bang kaw mabayaꞌ sumibuꞌ kaniya.Work hard if you want to be like her.Papagsibua in dagbus sin badjuꞌ nila.Make their dresses alike.vtran -an.To copy, imitate, or equal (something).Diꞌ kasibuan in dayaw sin hinangan niya.(No one) can equal the good quality of her work.OV SYN.saliꞌ

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