lapay1adjInclusive, included, including.Lapay in tau katān ha kawman siyanggupan sin mayul.All the people inclusively in the village were threatened by the mayor.vtag mang-, -um-; pat -un.To include.Lapaya ba dakdaki in badjuꞌ ku.Will you include my dress in your washing?vipat ma-.To be or become included, involved.Nalapay siya piyagꞌamahan sin inaꞌ namuꞌ.He was included in the scolding by our mother (i.e., she scolded him too).Nalapay siya sin paglingug nila.She became involved in their trouble.Cf.lamud 2agad 12vact/pat mag-.(For a quarrel, war, etc.) to spread (to include more people).Ayaw kamu mamunuꞌ sin way lamud supaya diꞌ maglapay.Don’t kill people who are not involved so that the trouble won’t spread.

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