usugnMale, man.Subay usug in magbuhat sin baul.It should be a man who lifts the trunk.ANT.babaiCf.subul 1nkausuganGroup of men or males, bridegroom’s party.Nagtipun in kausugan.A group of men gathered together.Dimatung na in dayn ha kausugan.The bridegroom’s party has arrived.npagkausugManhood, masculinity.Kawgun in pagkausug mu bang kaw diꞌ mangatu ha sibuꞌ mu.Your manhood is just wasted if you don’t stand up to your equal.vusug-usug ag mag-.To have an affair with a man (usu. of a married woman).Maytaꞌ magꞌusug-usug in asawa niya?Why is his wife having an affair with another man?npagkausuganAn invulnerable person.OV SYN.bunut basaꞌcomp.bunutkubulanCf.tagiktik

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