kibiꞌ1adjDeformed (as of the mouth of a person), misshapen, misproportioned, unbalanced, unsymmetrical.Kibiꞌ in pistak sin pantalun.The crotch of the pants is misshapen.Kibiꞌ in simud niya.Her mouth is deformed.vipat ma-.To be or become deformed, misshapen, misproportioned, unbalanced, unsymmetrical.Nakibiꞌ in pagꞌutud sin kakanaꞌ.The cutting of the material is misproportioned.Nakibiꞌ in simud niya pagꞌubus niya nasakit.Her mouth became deformed after her sickness.OV SYN.bingkuk 1kigaꞌtimpang2vtag mag-; ran -an.To make a face (at someone) with one’s mouth (by moving the upper lip to and fro over the lower teeth [as of children quarreling]).Bang mu siya kibian tantu magkālu kamu.If you make faces at her with your mouth there will naturally be a quarrel.OV SYN.*kubiꞌ

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