tabarruꞌnAn act of spoiling one’s ambition or ruining one’s interest (by such an act as murder, selling the family property, or sailing to a distant place).vag mag-; goal pag-…-an.To ruin one’s interest or spoil one’s ambition (by an act such as one of the above).Nagtabarruꞌ siya madtu pa Davao sabab piyagbī hi amaꞌ niya in lupaꞌ.He ruined his own interest by going to Davao because his father sold the land.Cf.juruꞌmaadjulvST pat ma-.To be useless, serve no purpose.Natabarruꞌ na in radiyu niya didtu ha shop.His radio that is in the shop is useless.

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