*dayaw1n(Intrinsic) goodness.In dayaw sin tau yan diꞌ hikasipat.One cannot find the equal of the goodness of that man.vtpat -un.To improve, repair, or remodel (something).Subay dayawun in dān pa gimba.The road to the interior must be improved.viST pat -um-.(For something) to improve.Dumayaw in makina bang lanuan.The engine will improve (in performance) if it is cleaned.adjmarayawGood (may be used as a response to a greeting); (of a man) handsome.Maunu-unu kaw? Marayaw.How are you? Good.Marayaw usug in tau yaun.That man is handsome.nkarayawan(Acquired) goodness, improvement, value.Unu in karayawan sin pagꞌiskul?What goodness does education bring?2vrdp. RC ag mag-.(For people) to get along well (with each other).Magdayaw-rayaw kamu magtaymanghud.You brothers and sisters get along well with each other.vrdp. ag mang-; pat -un.To win over, placate, or conciliate (someone); soothe (someone’s) anger.Dayaw-rayawa siya bat magad kaymu.Placate her so she’ll go with you.vag mag-.(For people) to be reconciled (esp. after a quarrel).Nagdayaw man sila naīg na in sakit atay niya.After they were reconciled, her bitter feelings were gone.3.1npagdayawAn internal organ (of the body), a part of a piece of equipment (that has a number of parts).3.2npagdayawA plow.

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