dakagnOverinsistence or excessive demanding (esp. by children from parents or grandparents).Way na makaatu ha dakag sin bataꞌ yan.Nothing can surpass the excessive demanding of that child.vag -um-, mag-.To boast, act haughtily; (for a child) to demand excessively or unreasonably.Dumakag in tau bang dayahan.A rich person acts haughtily.vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To pamper (someone, esp. a child).Bukun marayaw in makalanduꞌ magparakag ha anak.It’s not good to pamper a child too much.adjmarakag/dakaganSpoiled, pampered; arrogant, haughty.In bataꞌ marakag makarā kasusahan pa maas.A pampered child brings sorrow to his parents.In tau marakag diꞌ magsulut iban tau kaibanan.An arrogant person cannot come into harmony with other people.OV SYN.*langka

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