bunuꞌnFighting, killing.vCH 1 ag mag-, mang-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To kill (someone maliciously), murder (someone; also used in cursing); fight (with the intention of killing).Bunua in banta mu.Kill your foe.Bang man kaw mabunuꞌ da.I hope you get killed.vpat hipabunuꞌTo ask (someone) to kill or murder (someone else).Hipabunuꞌ niya in atu niya magdāgan mayul.He’ll have his contender for the mayoralty killed.npagbunuanFight, battle, war.Miyatay siya ha pagbunuan.He died in the battle.npiyagbunuanReason for fighting.Pasal lupaꞌ in piyagbunuan nila.Their reason for fighting was land.nmamumunuꞌA killer, murderer.In tau mamumunuꞌ way sukuꞌ niya ha surgaꞌ.A murderer has no place in heaven.OV SYN.patay 1

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