butasvtag -um-; pat -un.To separate, part, cease to associate with, wean (a child or young animal).Nagbutas na in magtiyaun pasal diꞌ magsulut.The couple separated because they are incompatible.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ mutas dayn kaymu.I don’t want to part from you.Subay kaw mutas na dayn ha maas mu bang kaw taga paghulaꞌ na.You should leave your parents once you’re married.Biyutas na sin inaꞌ in anak niya dayn ha duruꞌ.The mother separated her child from the breast (i.e., weaned it).vRC ag mag-.(For people) to separate, leave each other.Diꞌ sila mabayaꞌ magbutas.They don’t wish to separate.vipat ma-.To become separated.Nabutas siya dayn ha manga iban niya.He got separated from his companions.OV SYN.*ukat 1*bugit 2

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