lampik1nA lining or layer (of the same or different material to protect against leak, pressure, etc. or make something thicker); saddlecloth (of an animal).Butangi lampik in baluy yan bat dumakmul.Put a layer under that mat so it will be thicker.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To put a layer or lining under or inside of (something so as to prevent leak, pressure, etc. or make something thicker).Lampikan ta in taykud sin kuraꞌ ini.Let’s put a lining (i.e., a saddle cloth) on this horse’s back.Lampiki yan sin kātas.Line that with paper.Cf.haniglapis1 bikal2vag mag-.(With bichara and preceded by negation), to speak directly, frankly or bluntly.Diꞌ maglampik bissara in tau yan minsan da hisiyu in kumangiꞌ in atay.That man speaks bluntly regardless of whoever gets hurt.OV SYN.*tumlang

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