bīnnInstructions, directions (given by someone leaving for a time), last will and testament, something left in another’s charge.Kiyalupahan ku in bīn mu kākuꞌ.I’ve forgotten your instructions.Unu taꞌ in bīn sin miyatay?What was the deceased’s last will and testament?vCV 1 ag mag- (pat is an object), mang- (pat is a person); pat hi-, -un; ran -an.-un is considered substandard.To leave behind, abandon (something), forget to take (something) along.Bīnan siya isa-isa niya!Leave him behind alone!Ayaw kaw mamīn iban.Don’t leave your companion behind.Samut kaw hikabīn kaw sin iban mu.Faster, you’ll be left behind by your companion.Gana-gana hikabīn in bāg ini.Sooner or later you’ll forget to bring this bag along with you.vag magpabīnTo cause oneself to be left behind.Diꞌ kaw mabugaꞌ magpabīn isa-isa mu dī?Aren’t you afraid to let yourself be left alone here?npamīn-mīnLast will (usu. given by a person about to die); final instructions.Mataud in pamīn-mīn hi Apuꞌ baꞌgu siya miyatay.Grandma left many final instructions before she died.

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