tapilnSomething alongside something else, companion.In tapil sin kugita ini diyaragang duun ha tabuꞌ nabī sin Milikan.The companion of this octopus sold there in the market was bought by the American.vpat mag-, -um-.With mag-, both people or objects go side by side. With -um-, one is stationary and the other comes alongside it.To approach sideways, (as a horse to a mounting block, a ship to a dock), be side by side, come alongside or get beside (something).Bang aku makarungug timbak ha lawm daira magtuy aku tumapil pa hāg simintu.When I hear shooting in the town I quickly get beside a cement post.Magpatapil aku sin kuraꞌ pa batu bat aku makasakat.I’ll let the horse approach the stone sideways so that I can mount it.Piyatapil sin kapitan in kappal pa jambatan supaya in tau makanaug.The captain let the ship approach the dock sideways so that the people can get off.OV SYN.sampig 1daig 1

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