gunting1nScissors.Mahayt in gunting sin barbiru.The scissors of the barber are sharp.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To cut something (with scissors or an instrument resembling scissors).Guntingun ku in kātas ini magduwa.I’ll cut this paper in two.Subay guntingan in saya ini. Mahabaꞌ tuud.You should cut some off of this skirt. It’s very long.vag magpa-.To have (one’s hair) cut.Magpagunting aku sin buhuk ku.I’ll have my hair cut.utudnmagguguntingA barber.Maggugunting da in makapaanduk ha sultan.It’s only the barber who can make the king bow his head.SYN.balbiru2npagguntingThe ritual or ceremonial cutting of a child’s hair in the first year by a priest (usu. done at the same time as the pagtimbang and the paghakika).Kuꞌnu in paggunting ha anak mu?When will you have the hair cutting ceremony for your child?Cf.pagtimbangtimbang 1.2paghakikahakikavag magpa-.To hold such a ceremony.Mangluruk kami bang kaw magpagunting ha anak mu.We’ll attend when you hold the hair cutting ceremony for your child.

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