iban1relAnd, with.Nagkanam iban nagꞌastul in bataꞌ yaun.That child threw a fit and was angry.Ikaw iban hi Sulma in maglanuꞌ sin bāy adlaw ini.You and Sulma will clean the house today.Cf.ampa2nA companion, associate.Ayaw kaw magpanaw dūm bang way iban mu.Don’t go out at night if you don’t have any companion.vAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To accompany or conduct (something to a place), extend manual help (to someone), be (someone’s) companion.Ibanan ta kaw magbuhat sin lamisahan.I’ll help you lift the table.Ibani aku matūg ha bilik ku dūm ini.Be my companion sleeping in my room tonight.vpat -un.To take (someone) along (to a place).Hisiyu in ibanun mu pa Luuk, Amaꞌ?Whom will you take along with you to Luuk, Father?nkaibananOthers, the rest (see main entry).ntāibanA partner, spouse, companion, mate, member of a pair.Diꞌ masulug in kapatus yan sabab way tāiban niya.We can’t wear that shoe because there is no mate.Cf.limbang

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