hantapvag mag-, -um-; pat -un, ka-…-an.To be at ease; (do something such as eat) unhurriedly or at one’s leisure; (speak) clearly; (think) lucidly.Pahantapa bang kaw magꞌisturi.Make it clear if you tell a story.Pagpahantap kaw kumaun.Eat at your leisure.Bang mu diꞌ kahantapan in bissara ku, baytai aku.If my speech is not clear to you, do tell me.Pahantapa in pamikil mu.Make your thinking lucid.adj./advmahantapWith ease, easeful(ly), clear(ly), lucid(ly).Bukun mahantap in paghinduꞌ kāmuꞌ.His teaching is not clear to us.Mahantap tuud siya magbissara.He speaks clearly.Cf.hampathapal

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