asinnSalt.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To put a little salt on something (to give it taste).Asinan ku in istaꞌ ini.I’ll salt this fish.vag mag-; pat -un.To preserve or cook (food) by immersing it in salt.Asinun ku in bulinaw ini kilawn kunsūm.I’ll immerse these small fish in salt and eat it raw tomorrow (i.e., it will not be cooked with heat, only by the salt).adjmaasinSalty.Maasin in dagat.Ocean water is salty.asin batu/asin jawaꞌcomp.adjSolid salt.asin, magpaulan sin/paulanan inidiomadjUsu. with negative.To let (one’s) past misdeeds or problems be known, hang out (one’s) dirty linen (lit. let the salt get rained on).Awn ka tau mabayaꞌ magpaulan sin asin niya?Is there anyone who wants to hang out his dirty linen?Diꞌ niya sa yan paulanan in asin niya.He won’t hang out his dirty linen.SYN.bahuꞌ1 2

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