agad1vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To go or come along with, accompany, be together; include, join.Magad aku sin parhimpunan niyu.I’ll join your organization.Agad kaw mari kāmuꞌ.Come along with us.Ayaw yan agaran ha manga pamī-mī ku.Don’t include that in my purchases.Hisiyu in iyagaran mu mari?Who did you come with?Paagara na siya kāmuꞌ.Let him come with us.Nagꞌaagad sadja in duwa ini.These two are always together.Bang kitaniyu magꞌagad katān bukun mataud in gastu.If we all go together we won’t spend much.OV SYN.*tundan 1bunyuglamud 1naagaranAny means of transportation (as jeep, tricycle, vinta, motor launch, airplane).SYN.sasakatansakat2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To follow (i.e., accept as authority, obey), fulfill.Miyamagad siya sin kabayaan sin nakuraꞌ niya.He is following the wishes of his superior.Diꞌ maagad in kabayaan mu.Your wish can’t be followed.Walaꞌ niya iyagad in janjiꞌ niya kaymu.He did not fulfill his promise to you.npagꞌaagaranA leader, chief (of a group or community).Hi Imam Muwallam in pagꞌaagaran ha kawman namuꞌ.Imam Muwallam is the leader of our community.adjagad-agadCompliant, agreeable to any decision (another makes).Agad-agad sila sin agihan mu.They are agreeable with whatever you say.OV SYN.aminagad lusayidiomadjTending to follow any leader; lacking individuality (as in thought); easily swayed.In tau agad lusay diꞌ mahinang nakuraꞌ.A person who’s easily swayed can’t become a leader.

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