*dakdak1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wash (clothes).Dakdakan ku in badjuꞌ mu.I will wash your clothes.OV SYN.*kimuꞌnmagdarakdakSomeone who washes clothes, laundryperson.Malanuꞌ in magdarakdak kamuꞌ.The one who washes our clothes is clean.npagdarakdakanPlace for washing clothes, laundry place.Mataud tubig ha pagdarakdakan namuꞌ.There is plenty of water in the place where we wash our clothes.ndiyakdakanClothes to be washed, laundry.2vCV 1 ag -um-; pat hi-.To beat (something) against a surface; fall suddenly or with full impact; drop, throw or put down (something) heavily or all at once.Pagpunung kaniya dimakdak siya pa lantay.When she collapsed, she dropped heavily to the floor.Bang aku dugalan hirakdak ta kaw pa simintu.If I become angry, I’ll beat you against the cement.OV SYN.*hantak 1

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