liguꞌvag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To bathe (someone who is afflicted with an illness caused by evil spirits. Usu. done by a curer who utters some magic verse to drive away the evil spirits.); bathe (a corpse in preparation for burial).Subay siya liguun sin mangungubat sabab kiyalabhaan.She must be bathed by a curer for she has been harmed by the evil spirits.nmangliliguꞌA curer (who does this bathing), an imam who bathes (a corpse in preparation for burial).Singsing in hisarakka ku ha mangliliguꞌ bang kaulian in anak ku.A ring is what I will give the curer if my child gets well.Subay imam in mangliliguꞌ ha patay.It must be a priest who bathes the body of the dead.Cf.payguꞌ

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