tabakuꞌnTobacco, compressed tobacco leaf (an ingredient of the betel nut chew).Bī kaw tabakuꞌ hipagmamaꞌ hi apuꞌ mu.Buy some compressed tobacco leaves for your grandfather to use in betel nut chewing.vag mag-.To rub a morsel of compressed tobacco leaf on the teeth while chewing a betel nut chew.Subay na ubus supaun in mamaꞌ ampa magtabakuꞌ.It should be after you finish chewing the betel that you rub tobacco on your teeth.vpat -un.To use (something) as tobacco leaf.Tabakuun ku na in tabakuꞌ diyarā mu dayn ha Pangutaran.I’ll use the tobacco you brought from Pangutaran as tobacco leaf.Cf.mamaꞌ

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