kājanA type of duwaa performed to appease the spirits of one’s ancestors.When a couple is newly married, if it was the practice in one (or both) spouse’s family to perform this ceremony, they will perform it so that the ancestors will not be offended and cause the couple to be always quarreling or to be sick often. Every time the couple has a child, they will again perform it so that the ancestors will not cause the child to get sick or become deformed. The duwaa is recited by pakil in a certain place and food is offered. Then the food is taken to the family’s house and eaten by them there. It must be eaten by that family only and must be entirely consumed.vag mag-; pat -un; inst/loc pag-…-an.To perform this ceremony.In kami bang awn na paghulaꞌ namuꞌ subay na kami magkāja.We when we are married we must perform the ceremony to appease the spirits of our ancestors.Pagkājahan natuꞌ na in manuk ini.We’ll use this chicken to offer to our ancestors.Cf.duwaa pa taaskaput1 1.1

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