timbang1.1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To weigh (something with a scale or balance).Timbang kaw hangka-kilu sukal.Weigh a kilo of sugar.Timbangun ta na in lahing.Let’s weigh the copra.Cf.tupungntimbanganA scale, balance (for weighing).Kitaa ha timbangan bang pila in buggat mu.Look on the scales to see your weight.1.2npagtimbangA ceremonial weighing of a newborn child.The child is laid on a cloth suspended from one end of a pole balancing a bag of rice and other gifts suspended from the other end of the pole. A young chicken is perched on the pole, while the priest (imam) recites or chants Arabic religious phrases. This usu. follows the hair-cutting ceremony (paggunting).Kuꞌnu in pagtimbang ha anak mu?When will be the ceremonial weighing of your child?Cf.pagguntinggunting 22vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To consider (something in order to make a choice), weigh (something, fig. sense).Timbanga in bayaꞌ mu magad iban sin usaha ta dī.Weigh your desire to go with them against our business here.3vpat -un; ran -an.To make (one’s love, treatment, etc. of people) equal; be equaled.Subay mu timbangun in lasa mu ha inaꞌ mu iban amaꞌ mu.You should make your love for your father and mother equal.OV SYN.sibuꞌ

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