dahaladjGreedy, gluttonous.Dahal in tau makusug kumaun.A person who is strong in eating is greedy.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To eat voraciously, greedily.Ayaw na kaw dumahal, baꞌgu ra kaw kimaun.Don’t eat voraciously, you have just finished eating.Dahalun niya sān in pagkaun bang niya kakitaan.He will voraciously eat that food if he sees it.ndarahalanA meal (used derogatorily, esp. when one is angry or addressing a gluttonous person).Ah, yari in darahalan mu iruꞌ kaw.There now! Here’s your meal, you dog.OV SYN.lagakdambaꞌabꞌab

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