*sanggup1vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To threaten (someone) seriously.Siyanggupan niya patayun in tau nanipug kaniya.He seriously threatened to kill the man who shamed him.OV SYN.*antup2vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To make an affirmation (never to do something again), yield or relent (esp. after having a bad or painful experience) with a promise not to repeat an action.Diꞌ sumanggup in bataꞌ ini minsan mu unuhun.This child won’t relent no matter what you do to him.Nakasanggup aku diꞌ maghinang kanila magbalik.I’ve firmly asserted never to work for them again.In pilisu simanggup diꞌ na manakaw magbalik.The prisoner affirmed he never would steal again.Cf.luga

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