kangiꞌ(from ka-3 + ngiꞌ)viact/pat mag-, -um-.To become bad, go wrong.Kimangiꞌ in kawman pasalan mu.The community became bad because of you.Bang kumangiꞌ in makina yan ikaw in magdayaw.If something goes wrong with that machine you have to fix it.Bang lumugay in armi mamarinta mataud magkangiꞌ.If the army will stay long to govern many people will become bad.Nagkangiꞌ in hīhinang niya.Her work went wrong (i.e, she made mistakes in it).vtpat -un.To make (something) bad, defective, undesirable; destroy (something).Piyarayaw ku in makina ku kaniya, gam mān niya kiyangiꞌ.I had him repair my engine, instead he destroyed it.OV SYN.larak

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