kibaknA depressed scar or pit on the skin (as that resulting from a wound or disease), a hairless part of the scalp (such as is left after trimming or shaving off the hair), a pit or hole (in fruits, vegetables, playing marbles, cement walls, etc.).Awn kibak niya ha bitis.He has a depressed scar on his leg.vipat ma-.(For the skin) to get a depressed scar or become marked with pits, (for a part of the scalp) to become hairless, (for fruits, vegetables, marbles, walls, etc.) to develop a pit or hole.Makibak in kapaya yan bang mu pīpisul sadja.That papaya will develop a hole if you keep on pressing it.Nakibak in bayhuꞌ niya sin ampugud.His face was pitted by pimples.vtag mag-; ran -an, -un.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To trim or shave off (some hair, thus showing the scalp) make a pit or hole on (something, such as fruits or vegetables).Subay kibakun bat kaubatan in paliꞌ.Some hair should be shaved off in order to medicine the wound.OV SYN.kibanglubanglubbak

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