hapalvag -um-.To learn, understand (something) well (as a school lesson).Mabayaꞌ aku humapal sin pangadjiꞌ Kuraan.I want to learn Koranic reading well.Diꞌ aku makahapal sin bissara niya.I can’t understand well what he said.vpat -un.To speak clearly, explain or elucidate (something); memorize (something).Hapalun ku kaymu in bichara niya.I’ll explain to you what he said.adjmahapalCharacterized by good apprehension, memory, mastery of a lesson; (of speech) intelligible, clear, grammatical.Bukun mahapal in bichara niya. Ha lawm ilung niya magguwaꞌ.His speech isn’t clear. It comes out from his nose.Mahapal siya mangadjiꞌ.He is good in reading apprehension.Cf.mapaham*pahamingathantaphampat

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