hugut1nTightness (as of a knot, tie, lid, door); firmness.In hugut sin paghukut niya landuꞌ marayaw.The tightness of the way he tied is really good.adjmahugutFirm, fast, tight, tightly closed.Mahugut in pagtambul sin lawang.The door is tightly closed.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To hold on (to something to avoid falling).Hugut kaw bat kaw diꞌ mahulug.Hold on tightly so you won’t fall.vST pat -um-.To become tight or tighter.Subay mu pahugutun in pagtambul sin mital bangbang.You must make the closing of the biscuit can tight (i.e., close it tightly).2adjmahugut(Of one’s faith) strong; (of one’s inner being) not overly emotional or unstable, calm.In tau mahugut in īman diꞌ masasat sin saytan.A man with strong faith cannot be tempted by the devil.Cf.*pagunkamdus 2

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