lagudlud1nThe dragging (of something), the swift descent (of a wheeled vehicle, big rocks, felled trees, etc.).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To drag, haul (something).Ayaw kaw maglagudlud sin sīya.Do not drag the chair.Liyagudlud sin kuraꞌ in batang.The horse hauled the log.vact/pat -um-.To roll swiftly downward (with either much or little sound produced, as of a vehicle).Limagudlud in tumubil.The automobile rolled swiftly down.OV SYN.guyud 1Cf.ludludlakud-lakud2nThe sound of something being dragged along or of something falling down swiftly (as big rocks or felled trees).Diyungug namuꞌ in lagudlud sin manga kahuy pīlaꞌ.We heard the sound of the felled trees falling down.

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