awnv(Existential) there is/are, to have.Awn na manga anak nila.They already have children.vtpat pa-…-un.To cause to come into being, create.Subay ta paawnun in kahatulan ha hulaꞌ ta.We have to work for peace and order in our country.OV SYN.*panjarivipat ma-.To come to be.Maawn in lingug ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.There will be confusion in Jolo.adjawnanWealthy, having possessions.In tau awnan mataud sīn niya.A wealthy man has plenty of money.SYN.dayahandayaCf.balkanan 1adjawn-awnAbove average in wealth, well-to-do.Awn-awn tuud in manga tau yaun.Those people are well-to-do.

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