hangkatiyuꞌ(from *hang- + *tiyuꞌ)adjSmall or little (in number, quantity, or amount).Hangkatiyuꞌ da in dīhil niya kākuꞌ sīn.He only gave me a little money.Hangkatiyuꞌ da in kaingatan ku pasal niya.I know just a little about him.Awn hangkatiyuꞌ kasāan niya.He has his little faults.Makatausug siya hangkatiyuꞌ.He can speak a little Tausug.Hangkatiyuꞌ da in tau miyari.Only a few people came.Hangkatiyuꞌ in untung ta sin dagangan ini.We have a small profit from this merchandise.Cf.asibiꞌ

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