*irabvag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran ka-…-an, pang-…-an.To know, understand (something).Subay kaw mangirab sin hinduꞌ kaymu.You must understand what you were taught.Ha saꞌbu namuꞌ naglalami-lami walaꞌ namuꞌ kiyairaban dūm na in hulaꞌ.While we were enjoying ourselves we didn’t know that it was night already.npangirabKnowledge or awareness (of something).Masangat na siya, way na pangirab niya sin dūm iban adlaw.He’s already seriously ill, he has no knowledge of day or night.Way pangirab ku sin pagdagang sin altaꞌ mu.I have no knowledge about the selling of your property.OV SYN.pangingatingat

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