tūy2adjDirect.Tūy na in panaw niya, diꞌ na siya humapit pa bāy.His going will be direct (i.e., he’ll go directly), he won’t stop at the house.vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-, -un; ran -an.To go (somewhere) directly, make (one’s journey) direct, proceed (with something).Walaꞌ siya himapit dayn dī, timūy siya minuwiꞌ.He didn’t stop by here, he went home directly.Tūyan na in panaw mu ayaw na kaw maglingiꞌ.Proceed with your journey; don’t turn your head.Tūyun niya in pagꞌiskul niya.He will proceed with his studies.ntūyanA place to which (one) will go directly.Bāy sin mastal ku in tūyan ta ha lawm daira.My teacher’s house is where we’ll go directly in town.

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