mamaꞌnA prepared betel nut chew.Consists of the shavings of the following: mature and immature areca palm nuts (pula₂ and bunga₁ respectively), moistened tobacco leaf (tabakuꞌ), resinous gum (tagambil), and powdered lime (bangkit) wrapped together in a betel pepper vine leaf (buyuꞌ).vag mag-; pat -un.To chew betel nut.The chewer starts with a mixture of betel nut and lime wrapped in a betel nut leaf and then adds a tiny ball of compressed tobacco leaf which he rubs against his teeth.Manga tau maas sadja in magmamaꞌ.Only the old people chew the betel nut chew.Bang kaw magmamaꞌ mitum in ipun mu.If you chew betel nut your teeth will become black.Cf.apilapug 1nmamaanA container for the ingredients of the betel nut chew (often brass or bronze).Cf.apug 1

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