lana1nOil (a general term, but usu. refers to cooking oil).vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To put or add cooking oil to something (-an), make cooking oil (-un); oil (something).Kugut kaw lahing, maglana kita.Grate some coconut, we’ll make cooking oil.Subay lanahan in makina.The machine should be oiled.adjmalanaCovered with or containing oil, oily, greasy.Malana in unud sapiꞌ.The beef is oily.nlanahanA container used to make or extract oil.Biyagbag nila in lanahan hi Apuꞌ Agasi.They broke the oil maker of grandfather Agasi.lana lahingcomp.nCoconut oil, cooking oil.lana mahamutcomp.nPerfume.lana gāscomp.nKerosene.2vAR ag mang-; ran -an.To fawn on (someone to obtain favors), butter (someone) up.Lana-lanahan ta siya bat kita dihilan sīn.Let’s fawn on him so he will give us money.Cf.abbu 2animu

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