abut1vAQ ag/goal (rare) mag-, -um-; pat -un.To reach for (something, as with the hand).Abuta ba kākuꞌ in asin.Get (reach for) the salt for me.2vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To overtake, catch up to, be on time for (something), catch, find.Iyabutan namuꞌ in tarak ha unahan namuꞌ.We overtook the truck that was ahead of us.Samut kaw, abutan kita ulan.Hurry up or we’ll be overtaken by the rain.Iyabutan siya sin pulis nanakaw manuk.The policeman caught him stealing chickens.Kiyaabutan siya natutūg.He was found sleeping.Walaꞌ ku iyabutan in tagnaan sin sini.I wasn’t on time to see the beginning of the movie.OV SYN.saggaw3vTV ag -um-; goal -un.To reach or arrive at a place, attain (to something).Way nakaabut pa Sambuwangan in lansa.The launch didn’t reach Zamboanga.Ha panaw ku ini abutun ku sampay pa lawm daira.In my walk I will reach the center of town.Unu in būk naabut mu?What grade have you attained?vact -um-.To come up to, attain to, reach (a certain time, place, or amount); last a certain length (of time).Miyabut na in piyaglāng ku kaymu.Now you’ve come up to what I’ve been telling you not to do.Diꞌ mabut mari in latap.The flood won’t reach this place.Nakaabut hi Apuꞌ sin masa Kastilaꞌ.Grandfather went as far back as the Spanish time.Abut siya pitua sin kamaasan.He has even learned the taboos of the elders (i.e., he was born long enough ago to have lived when the elders did).Diꞌ makaabut lima mitru in kakanaꞌ ini.The cloth won’t reach five meters.Diꞌ na makaabut pa tapus bulan in bugas natuꞌ.Our rice won’t last to the end of the month.4vipat ma-.Euph.To die, pass away.Naabut na hi Bapaꞌ Usman kahapun.Uncle Usman passed away yesterday.OV SYN.matayderv.patay*lindung*wapat*maruhum5advrdp.In quick succession, often, frequently, repeatedly.Abut-abut in pagtiligrama namuꞌ pa Sūg saꞌ way sambag.We sent telegrams to Jolo repeatedly but there was no answer.OV SYN.daran

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