tangbusadjFinished, completed, concluded, graduated (as of a meeting, discussion, course of study at a school).Tangbus na in pagꞌiskul niya.He already graduated from school.vtag mag-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To finish or complete (work, a meeting, discussion, a course of study).Tangbusun ku muna in pagꞌiskul ku ampa aku magꞌasawa.I will finish my studies first and then I’ll get married.U.P. in kiyatangbusan niya sin pangadjiꞌ abugaw.He finished his law study at U.P.vipat ma-.To be finished, completed, concluded, graduated.Natangbus na in pagbilmaarup nila kahapun.Their conference was concluded yesterday.OV SYN.tapusCf.ubustammattalus2

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