tahay1adjDry.Tahay na in manga badjuꞌ ha buwaran.The clothes on the clothesline are dry.viST pat -um-.To dry up, become dry.Tumahay in kuppung bang panuga.The well dries up during summer.Patahayun ku naa in midyas ku ampa kita pa iskul.I’ll dry my socks first and then we’ll go to school.nkatahayanA dry surface or area.Butangan in manga labban ha katahayan bat diꞌ mabasaꞌ.Put the boxes in a dry area so they won’t get wet.2nDried fish.Ayaw kaw magbī sin tahay maasin tuud.Don’t buy dried fish that are too salty.vag mag-; pat -un.To dry (fish).Tahayun ta in manga istaꞌ ini.We’ll dry this fish.OV SYN.biyukaꞌderv.bukaꞌ1 ANT.buhiꞌ 3

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