sūd11.1vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To enter, go inside (a place).Sūd kaw.Come in.Masūd sin mundu in kawman bang wayruun jaga.The town will be entered by outlaws if there are no guards.Siyūran saytan in tau yan.That man has been entered by (i.e., is possessed by) an evil spirit.Sūran sān sin tubig.The water will surely get inside that.vCV 1 pat hi-.To put (something) inside (something else).Sūran in bangbang pa lawm mital.Put the biscuits inside the tin can.1.2nA catch of fish (in a fish corral).Awn na sūd sin bungsud mu?Does your fish corral have any catch in it?vpat -un.To have a catch of fish (in a corral).Walaꞌ siyūd in bungsud nila.Their fish corral didn’t catch any fish.2nA business partner.vRC ag mag, -um-; goal -an.(For someone) to do business (with someone else).Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ magsūd iban sin pangustaw.I don’t like to do business with an embezzler.

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