putikaꞌvag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To ask a fortune-teller or soothsayer to divine (something, e.g., tell one’s future concerning a proposed journey or where a lost object is).Bang kita mamutikaꞌ subay ta kaingatan in bulan iban adlaw.When we divine we must know the month and the day (of the happening).Subay hipaputikaꞌ bang hisiyu in nakakāꞌ sin sīn mu.We should have the fortune-teller divine to see who stole your money.Putikaun ta bang haunu in kiyabutangan sin manga tau nalawaꞌ.I’ll divine to see where the lost people are.nputikaanAny object or objects (as match sticks, cards, kernels of corn) used in divining or fortune-telling.nmagpuputikaꞌA fortune-teller.

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